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My journey of healing began twenty years ago when I walked into a therapist’s room and

began the arduous task of uncovering why I had so much rage inside my soul. The

demons that I had allowed to take control of my life were influencing every decision I

made and had put me on a path of complete self-destruction. For the first time in my life,

I began peeling back the layers to discover the truth about the atrocities I had

experienced as a small girl. I learned that the loss of my voice was just the tip of the

iceberg. What lay underneath the surface was years and years of mental illness caused by

childhood abuse. Searching the darkest places in my past was difficult and frightening,

but once I started, I found freedom in the truth. I tell my daughters that the hardest work

I’ve ever done is the work on myself. Millions and millions of people have been abused,

just like I was, and have never told anyone. Millions more are currently being abused.

Nothing will change until the victims know that they can tell someone what has happened

to them and they will not be condemned. It’s not their fault. There is help. Mental illness

does not have to be terminal. The first step of many is being truly honest with yourself.


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